Place Engagement Workshop

Supports active citizenship in young people during a consultation process.


  • One day interactive workshop

Main features:

  • Engage in the early stages of a process to redesign a building/space
  • Analyze an existing building/public space (using tools such a Spaceshaper / Placecheck / Design Quality Indicators) and evaluate how well it works
  • Explore and learn about the principles of ‘what makes a good space’
  • Consider the needs of different users of a space/building
  • Experience inspirational examples of other places and spaces


  • Enables young people to better contribute to consultation process
  • Helps develop design literacy and communication of ideas
  • Assists in visioning what a new building/space might look like and function as

Suitable for:

  • Young people participating in the redesign of a place
  • Part of a public engagement or consultation process for the change/development of a place
  • Live co-design project with young people