Spaceshaper 9-14

Delivered by:
Beam (Yorkshire), Architecture Centre (Bristol), 22 Sheds (North East)

Project description:
Spaceshaper 9-14 is a workshop-based toolkit that enables young people to engage in consultation about public spaces, to assess the quality of a public space and to inform its future development. It’s a tool to ensure young people, who are often excluded from consultation, have a voice about spaces that are important to them.

Spaceshaper 9-14 is an excellent way in which qualitative and quantitative data can be collected about a space during community consultations. It’s fun and challenging and is packed full of activities and opportunities for young people to express what they think. Workshops are normally delivered with a group of 10-25 children/young people. It also can be delivered with mixed groups of adults and young people as a intergenerational tool for spaces such as parks, squares or streets.

Project objectives:

  • Increase active citizenship in local young people
  • Increase cohesive community involvement in consultation process
  • Stimulate new ideas for improvement in areas from a young persons’ perspective

Outputs from activities:

  • Facilitated workshop (half day/whole school day)
  • Report written by trained facilitator
  • Qualitative and quantitative data to inform the improvement of the space in question

Outcomes from activities:
Through participation in the programme young people:

  • learn about the different elements of what makes a good ‘space/place’
  • get actively involved in longer consultation/design process of a space
  • are given a chance to voice what is important to them
  • have greater aspirations for their local area

“Often consultation is just well-meaning and people saying what they think other people would like. Spaceshaper 9-14 is a way to get young people involved themselves’’ Claire Smith, Wakefield Council

“The important thing is to make sure playgrounds are in the right places and they have the kind of equipment parents and young people want, the way to do that is to consult and involve young people.” Ed Balls, former Secretary of State for Children, Schools and Families

“The Spaceshaper was great, it really guided the children through the process of examining the space in detail and highlighted for them the wide range of considerations that need to be taken into account. It also gave them a whole lot of new knowledge about the possibilities for the design and nature of a public space, this new understanding of what is possible has really been evident in the quality of ideas they have thought of.” Deborah Cook, Lead developer, RIO – Real Ideas Organisation

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