Shape My City

Delivered by:
The Architecture Centre (South West England)

Project description:
Shape My City is all about getting young people to think about the city around them, who different places are designed for, why the city is how it is and who contributed to making it that way. Through a year-long series of workshops it helps young people understand more about architecture and placemaking.

Shape My City is designed to give 15-19 year olds a valuable opportunity to get involved with industry professionals and gain new knowledge, skills and confidence. The project is open to all but recruitment is targeted at girls and at young people from black and minority ethnic backgrounds.

Project objectives:
The project gives young people an opportunity to:

  • work with and learn from built environment professionals and university students
  • achieve Arts Award accreditation (Bronze)
  • gain valuable experience to enhance college/university applications
  • connect with other young people across the city
  • take part in a live creative public project

Outputs from activities:
Each year the programme involves:

  • 12 young people (aged 15-19) – targeted at girls and young people from BAME backgrounds
  • 9 built environment professionals
  • 9 inspiring workshops
  • 1 inspiring live project co-produced by young participants
  • 50% of young participants gaining Bronze Arts Award accreditation
  • 5 volunteers/university students supporting the programme and gaining personnal skill development
  • 1 careers resource for young people

Outcomes from activities:
Through participation in the programme young people:

  • understand the diverse range of roles and career options within the built environment sector
  • have a better understanding about how to get involved in the placemaking process in their city
  • can gain Arts Award accreditation
  • gain experience and insight to support their progression to further study/careers
  • from BAME backgrounds and females are inspired to consider careers in built environment sector

‘Shape My City has changed my life and I am grateful for the doors it has helped open for me and others’

‘Through the programme I have gained invaluable experience and made contact with professionals in the industry’

‘It made me more aware of our environments, their effect on our lives and the people behind them, which I never really give much more than a passing thought to previously’

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