About Generation Place

Generation Place is an initiative to support the next generation of creative placemakers. To nurture the future citizens and professionals who will make the kinds of places where people thrive. Head over to the web site and have best live casinos uk. Hurry around go you need to winning.

Generation Place is a group of organisations across the UK that specialise in education around the built environment for young people aged 5 to 24 in informal and formal education. We work with schools, local authorities and private sector companies to invest in children and their potential – as our future professionals in placemaking and as active citizens.

We deliver tailor-made education programmes in our separate regions as well as nationally coordinated programmes. Examples of what these programmes look like can be found on ‘What We Offer‘. We also lead a network that supports built environment education practitioners to share exciting, creative and successful practice, see our ‘Network‘ page.

Generation Place is supported by the Ove Arup Foundation.